5 reasons why: Beetroot

Just Beet It!

We couldn’t resist, but puns aside, beetroot is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants which is why we’re obsessed!

Here are 5 reasons why you should start adding beetroot to your meals now.

  1. Folate-fantastic – a 100g serving contains 20% of your RDI of folate, which is great for a healthy metabolism, and encourages healthy skin and hair.

  2. Studies have shown that beetroot can lower blood pressure due to the high concentration of nitrates.

  3. The high concentration of nitrates also makes it great for boosting stamina and endurance during exercise.

  4. Red beetroot has been considered one of the top 10 most potent antioxidant vegetables.

  5. Full of fibre which is important for a healthy diet and good digestive health. The fibre in beetroot has been shown help an increase in white blood cell count.

It’s important to note that beetroot can experience antioxidant and nutrient loss when heat is applied, so it is best served with minimal cooking or preparation.

Check out the Recipe page for ideas of how to incorporate beetroot into your diet.

Nasra Hussein
5 Reasons Why: Turmeric

Spice up your life with Turmeric!

It is one of the 7 nutrient dense foods we centre our recipes around, and the reason we’re such huge fans is because it contains amazing natural properties that when consumed regularly can improve your health.

Here are 5 reasons why you should incorporate Turmeric into your diet.

  1. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which can support improvements in skin and the digestive system.

  2. It can reduce the risk of illness linked to chronic inflammation, such as heart disease.

  3. Turmeric is high in antioxidants, which protect the body from free-radicals. Free radicals are linked to aging.

  4. Some studies have shown that turmeric can help regulate blood sugar levels.

  5. Some studies have shown that turmeric can help with chronic conditions such as arthritis and high cholesterol.

Many of the benefits of Turmeric come from the active compound curcumin. You can improve absorption of curcumin into the body by combining turmeric with black pepper.

Check out the Recipe page for ideas of how to incorporate turmeric into your diet.